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About. Rob Hopkins is a cofounder of Transition Town Totnes and Transition Network, and the author of The Power of Just Doing Stuff, The Transition Handbook, and The Transition Companion.

In 2012, he was voted one of the Independent’s top 100 environmentalists and was on Nesta and the Observer’s list of Britain’s 50 New Radicals.

Hopkins has also appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Four Thought.

Rob Hopkins, né le 24 juin 1968 à Londres, est un enseignant en permaculture britannique, initiateur en 2005 du mouvement international des villes en transition.Il est l'auteur de plusieurs ouvrages importants sur ce sujet: The Transition Handbook (2008), The Transition Companion (2011), The Power of Just Doing Stuff (2013) et 21 Stories of Transition (2015). 12/2/2015 · Rob Hopkins To tell this story, the team went to 10 countries: France and Reunion Island, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, India, Great-Britain, United States, Switzerland, Sweden and Iceland. THEY HELPED US TO BUILD #DEMAINLEFILM 12/1/2019 · ‘2040’ is a remarkably brave film. It tells the story of Damon Gameau, an Australian actor who also produced ‘That Sugar Film’, who sets out to create a vision of the future he hopes might lie ahead for his young daughter, Velvet. It is a film that unashamedly focuses on solutions, but he sets himself the condition that the solutions he proposes must already exist today in some form. Rob Hopkins. Selon la plupart des experts c'est par la nourriture que les civilisations peuvent s'effondrer. Et là où notre système économique s'est déjà effondré, c'est grâce à la nourriture que les habitants ont commencé à inventer une nouvelle histoire à la fois pour vivre . Rob Hopkins. 1.6K likes. Co-founder of Transition Network, catalyst, blogger, appearer in Cesar-winning film 'Demain', father, swimmer, public speaker. Born at 323.15ppm. Cyril Dion - Author and film director After a very short carrier as an actor, Cyril became Project Manager for the Hommes de Paroles foundation.

He took part in organising the Israeli-Palestinian congress in Caux in 2003, then the 1st and 2nd Imams and Rabis World . By rob hopkins 12th January 2017 Arts. Everything you need to know re. the UK community-led rollout of the film Tomorrow. We’ve reported previously on this website about the phenomenal impact of the film Tomorrow (Demain) in France, Belgium and the other 30 countries in which it has so far been released. We’re delighted to announce that. Voir le site du film Voir les salles où est projeté le film. Acheter le DVD. Suite à la publication d’une étude qui annonce la possible disparition d’une partie de l’humanité d’ici 2100, Cyril Dion, ancien directeur de Colibris, et Mélanie Laurent sont partis avec une équipe de quatre personnes enquêter dans dix pays pour comprendre ce qui pourrait provoquer cette catastrophe. Domani (Demain) - Un film di Cyril Dion, Mélanie Laurent. Sì, il dibattito sì. Il documentario di Dion e Laurent sollecita la discussione.

Perché il domani nasce dall'oggi. Con Cyril Dion, Mélanie Laurent, Pierre Rabhi, Rob Hopkins. Documentario, Francia, 2015. Durata 118 min. Consigli per la visione +13.